Thursday, June 20, 2019

Paper on the book Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Paper on the book - Essay ExampleA clear analysis of the period reveals that Ferdinands assassination was a less aberrant attack and more typical of the times, and challenges the argument of those who perceive the years prior to the war as relatively tranquil. Several other occurrences during the period indicate that the period was quite abnormal than one might think. These events include the assassination of bulging figures including Australias empress (1898), president of French republic (1894), king of Italy (1900) and the 1901 killing of American president.Additionally, the outrageous fact that terrorists in those days killed millions of people by driving explosive-laden vehicles into buildings indicates adept restrictions (Stone, 196). However, these were not anomalous events during the period considering the many activities that had transpired and disrupted peace in Europe. Although the first three quarters of the 19th century were quite tumultuous, the evidence presented by Norman comprehensively convinces readers that terming the period 1878-1919 as a turning point in Europe on the basis of the tranquil that was experienced is merely a misrepresentation of facts. The internal commotions and raucousness experienced were so much.Germany failed to win WWI due to poor troops strategies, poor Kaisers coordination, and was fighting against a highly tactical and military powerful entente that could balance means and will with ends.German naval tactics reveal misappropriation and misallocation. Considering that it had greatly been weakened by the Britain naval in the years prior to WWI, the navy could be better organized and resources allocated effectively if Germanys dream of winning the war were to materialize. Instead, 1895-1914, billions were irresponsibly used for surface fleets, sendup funding for inventions such as submarines, while only twenty five of its submarines were in a

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